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Thursday, September 20, 2007


I'm becoming addicted to browsing the local craigslist. I haven't actually bought anything or sold anything there but I have a couple of free classifieds posted. I posted our neighbor's truck camper for them, and it's generating some calls.

I noticed the other day in the "best of craigslist" category a really funny posting.

You're not looking for them, but I found your two dogs.
Date: 2007-08-16, 10:19AM PDT

Sigh. No one is looking for these guys. And I see why. They hump everything in sight, try to dominate our old doggies, try to eat our cats and pee on everything and bark at everything. Neurotic, lick constantly. They know no commands, either in English or Spanish. They are aggressive and probably lived in a puppy mill. You dumped them, probably, and we picked them up before they were killed by traffic. Unneutered, no tags, under 1 year old small males. I hate you, person who dumped these dogs. There are no lost ads on phone poles, no lost ad on Craig's list, no lost ad in the paper. We put signs up all over, put a found notice in at the local pounds and if you were looking for these filthy little ragamuffins, you would have found them. We are afraid to take them to the pound because under stress, your dogs were snappy and horribly afraid and dogs are judged by temperment for adoption placement. They would not have passed that test. However.....

They are, under their filth, mats and horrible habits, adorable. They have learned "Quiet," "Come," "Sit." They have stopped being so neurotic and we have broken most of their bad habits in just a few days. They are smart and sweet and are looking for guidance and WANT to be good little dogs. One is a purebred little white and buff guy with an underbite, the other is a brown little dog that looks almost exactly like a miniture version of a larger breed dog. They know each other and were obviously (by the same bad habits) raised (poorly) together. We will get them neutered, train them and get them into a good, loving home with people who use the brains God gave them.

If these are your dogs, come on by, I'd like to kick your ass.

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Blogger emy-d said...

That's hilarious!! If I didn't live in an apartment I'd take one of the “rug rats” in. One crazy terror of a terrier is enough for me right now.

To answer your question...if you're a Mediacom customer many of ABC's programs are already in HD. We expect our newscasts a.k.a KSPR to be there by the middle of next year, maybe sooner (according to my news director) keep your fingers crossed it's sooner.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Duane Keys said...

Thanks for checking!

12:44 PM  

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