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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

E-mail signatures

Having an email signature is a fairly common practice. For business emails, your signature should include your name, title, department/company, and phone number. It should include nothing more.

The graphics and colors draw attention to the wrong part of the email.

The cute quote that describes your life philosophy or something you think is funny gets less cute each time someone reads it.

The funniest thing is when people include a closing comment as part of their email signature. This is typically a "Thanks," or a "Have a great day." What's funny is that doesn't always work as a closing for every email. It works fine if you're really thanking the reciepeint or you really do mean for them to have a good day. But if you send a nastygram, the "thanks" or "Have a great day" somehow comes across a little sarcastic.

For example, this works:

So and so,
Could you get me that report when you a get a chance?

My signature
This does not:

So and so,
You're way out of line. Come see me in my office.

Have a great day!
My Signature

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Anonymous Chris said...

A guy on one of the e-mail lists at my work signs his as follows:

Any ?s
Joe Blow
Senior Analyst

So he'll sent out an e-mail rant about something, say the iPhone, that looks like:

Far be it from me to criticize Apple, but IMO their refund was the one of their stupidest decisions since the Lisa.
Any ?s
Joe Blow
Senior Analyst

8:23 PM  

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