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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New blogs

A buddy from college has started a travel journal for his international excursions. He offers great insight into popular destinations like Vienna and Prauge plus some not so popular places like Kraków. In addition to descriptions of the destinations he includes very specific details regarding the planning and execution of a successful travelling light and cheap.

On his prevous choice of luggage he writes:

The other problem is that the frame itself kept the bag above airline regulations for carry-on, pictured here. Even if one were to squash and bungee it up in every dimension (something I've never done), the frame would take it several inches at least above the length limit. After Iberia Airlines lost the checked bag twice in 2006, I vowed to not let it happen again, if at all possible.

From international travel to another local blog, I'd like to point you to Chase Davis' View from the Country. Chase, a recent graduate of MSU, adds his two cents on local goings on, from the recent killing of a wolf to the ethanol plant debate.

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