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Friday, May 11, 2007

Another game down

It seems the Ozarks Football site doesn't archive off (for public use) their game descriptions. So here's the most recent account of the Bulldogs and my cousin Aaron Creson:

Harrison Stadium
Red Division
Bulldogs vs Chiefs

On a warm spring evening, the Bulldogs continued to improve.

Quarterback Aaron Creason led the pack with 136 yards rushing on 9 carries, scoring 3 touchdowns. Creason continued his attack hitting Jake Gagliardo on passes 3 times for 58 yards. He also connected with Markus King for 2 yards, Jared Williams for 12 yards and Jacop Hurlich for 9 yards. Hurlich returned the favor by passing to Creason for 23 yards. Steven Cody churned out 36 rushing yards for 2 scores.

Jake Gagliardo was lead dog on defense counting 8 tackles and sacking the quarterback once. Dylan Deckard also posted a QB sack.

The Chiefs offensive stand out was Quarterback Luke Gibbs, credited with 95 rushing yards on 9 carries and a touchdown and connecting with Chandler Scott on 3 passes for 77 yards. Gibbs also hit Austen Beason on a 14 yard pass play.

Austen Beason and Darreon Johnson led the Chiefs in tackles with 6 and 5 respectively. Robert Schroff tallied a QB sack and Andrew Vaughn picked off a Bulldog pass.

This game had plenty of action, but the Chiefs couldn't outrun the dogs, 30-6.

Aaron was everywhere in this game from Quarterback, wide reciever, kicker, punter, and linebacker, and the stats show it. One of those rushes was a botched punt he ran from their own end-zone to around the 35 (when he ran out of steam and the other team caught him). It was a pretty funny site to see. I told one of his coaches they obviously need to work on conditioning as he couldn't sprint full speed for 100 yards!

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