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Monday, April 23, 2007

Ozarks Football

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The Bulldogs lost to the Irish Friday night (24-6). My cousin Aaron, QB for the the Bulldogs scrambled for one TD. The official account from the OFL site:
Harrison Stadium April 20, 2007 - Red Division
Bulldogs vs Irish

On a beautiful evening made to order for football, the action doesn't get any better than this!

Trevor Vaughn led the Irish offense with a dazzling 128 rushing yards on 11 carries, scoring 3 touchdowns. Quarterback Chad McBride completed 4 passes for 42 yards, 3 incompletions and 1 interception. Irish receiver Thomas Halter led the team with 2 receptions for 20 yards. James Glover returned a Bulldog kickoff for 15 yards.

On the defensive side of the ball, Thomas Halter led the team in tackles with 7. Carlo Duaban and Timothy Gerwel each racked up 4 tackles. Dylan Beuhler and Timothy Gerwel each posted one quarterback sack. Nolan Bettlach and Chad McBride picked off 1 pass each.

The Bulldogs came out in the spread offense in their inaugural season. Aaron Creson rushed for 37 yards in 10 carries and a touchdown and completed 1 pass to Jacob Rowden for 13 yards. Jake Gagliardo returned a kickoff for 15 yards.

The Bulldogs star defensive player was Steven Cody posting 5 tackles, 1 quarterback sack and 1 interception. Jake Gagliardo racked up 5 tackles.

Both teams rewarded the crowd with plenty of action, but in the end, the Irish attack was too much for the Bulldogs to overcome. Irish 24, Bulldogs 6.

Zac of ZC Photography was on site to capture the action.


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