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Monday, April 02, 2007

Office decor

I've been struggling with picking pictures to print and frame for my office. I've avoided hanging "art" so far because I wanted it to be something I created. Now a couple years after acquiring a digital camera and several thousand images later, I still have bare walls.

At one time I was thinking of a Springfield sites theme. I still like the idea though I no longer reside in Springfield proper. Here's some of what I would choose with that theme in mind.

kinetic sunset

I liked this of Kinetic Man against the Springfield skyline.

tickets please

This was my favorite of my pictures from the fair last year.

Welcome to Greene County

While not of Springfield itself, this was my favorite of my ice-storm photos.

Hammons Field

The clouds made this shot of Hammons field work for me.

I've also considered a farm-themed set of photos to decorate my office at work with. Most people find it surprising that I spend my non-work time at home on a farm, and it would be fun to share some of those photos.


I like this shot as well as several other from the farrier's visit. I'm afraid, however, that people might not get the right idea by having this picture on the wall.

Winter Gaze

This is a picture of Buddy, one of the neighbor's horses. I like the "artsy" feel of this shot. I don't proclaim to know very much about horses in general but I am learning.

rural sunset

I did print out this one and gave it as a gift to our neighbors. The shot features their windmill against the summer sunset.

All and all I need to pick something to complete the "atmosphere" of my office. If anyone has any suggestions from my flickr stream, let me know!

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Blogger Ben said...

Duane you have a good eye and I love the shots that you take that have lots of color, like the ones of the fair. Springfield theme would be my vote and I think it would match your new furniture too.


12:26 PM  

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