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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Goings on

Life gets in the way of blogging, even if you're blogging about your life. Work has been quite busy and one my friends recently joked with me that "farm life slows down during winter..." ...riiiight! Now there's just less light by which things can be accomplished. I'm not looking forward to leaving before light and coming home in the dark, which is fast approaching. I do now see why we'll be falling back and hour in a few weekends.

I took a half day today to get a couple personal things done. Mostly I'll be hauling hay today, but I've also got an appointment I don't want to jinx, so I'll just leave it for another post. Don't worry bossman Steve, and fellow O folks, I'm not going anywhere!

On the technology front work has been very interesting lately. Our team got a rare glimpse into Google's inner workings. We had a webex with one of the Google for Enterprise people. We learned some neat things about the Google Search Appliance and got a neat glimpse at their intranet Moma (pronounced moh-ma, not ma ma). Intranets are something near and dear to my team as that where we spend most of our development time. Not to toot our own horn, but when I think about the things that our intranet has allowed or the things the business does better because of it, it's pretty amazing.

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Blogger meghann said...

So when's the next post about the appointment clarification coming???

10:51 PM  

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