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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Strobist

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I've been reading a blog, strobist.blogspot.com for a few weeks now. It's a great site. The strobist explains how to use off-camera flash lighting, cheaply, and effectively. There's a flickr group devoted to the strobist effort. The author is conducting a "lighting bootcamp" where he assigns different learning tasks and the particpants share their efforts, tips, and experiences with the group. What a great use of the "Web 2.0" concept.

I didn't get in all my new toys before the first deadline, but I did manage to snap this shot of one of my dogs, Gelleon, using my new off-camera flash, light stand, umbrella, and wireless flash trigger system. More to come on how it all works out. If you read the how-to's and the recommended gear sections, beware the strobist effect on ebay. This site has single-handedly increased the demand for 20 year old Nikon flashes!


Blogger John Stone said...

Way kewl site: Thanks....

2:20 PM  

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