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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ford F-150 Mileage Improvements

Coolidge Gas
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Sorry, this gas station has been out of commission for some time. I took this photo at the home of President Coolidge in Vermont. With recent high gas prices I took it upon myself to upgrade my Ford F-150 pickup truck with some horsepower and fuel saving products.

I added an Airraid Jr. intake, a K&N filter, and a Flo-pro muffler. Immediately after installing all the additions I was doing some trailer pulling or other load hauling, so I wasn't getting any accurate representation of my mile per gallon compared to my normal commuting routine.

I've been through two tanks of gas now that have allowed me to see the effects of the new accessories. I was able to achieve 18 mpg on one tank and 17.6 on another, a decent improvement over the 16.7 mpg high I had recorded before.

Note: Some people object to to people owning "gas guzzlers" such as my Triton V8 Powered F-150. I'm not a soccer dad with a need to show off and no need to haul things. My truck gets put to work either hauling things for our farm or our rental property.

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