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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Truck Upgrades

My truck will be in the shop next week getting the previously mentioned damage taken care of. Since we moved out away from the city I've been burning through a lot more gas. But at least now I can attest to the need for a truck... I'm sorry, but a Honda Civic Hybrid isn't going to be able to pull a load of fence posts, etc.

I've been pleased that I've been able to get better mileage since most of my driving is on the highway using the cruise control. After I year of driving and tallying mileage for the truck in the city I reported my mileage in a post where my running average was 13.7 miles per gallon. Since moving to the farm and driving the 42 mile round trip drive every day my mileage has increase to 16.5 mpg.

Another guy at work has a similar truck and had done a few upgrades. He told me he's getting more power and about 2 mpg more with a few inexpensive additions to his truck. The first was a Flo-Pro muffler installed by Best Discount Muffler on South Campbell. The staff at Best Discount Muffler was very friendly, and they guarantee the work for life. I was able to get the muffler purchased and installed over my lunch hour one day, for less than $110 bucks. The exhaust tone is noticeably deeper, but not annoying. I despise the loud and obnoxious exhaust that some people have installed, I wanted to make sure I didn't become one of those people. I had the muffler installed last week and have since run through one tank of gas, aggressively I might add as I was still trying to determine if I felt any more power (which I think I do). With semi-aggressive driving I dropped to 16.4. I filled up and planned on driving conservatively again, to see if I saw any gains.

The second upgrade I installed last night and is pictured above. It's an Air Raid intake system. I replaces the stock intake tube which is full of baffles and accordian-type corners. Air Raid advertises a 2 horsepower gain and "better fuel economy." I of course, will be reporting back on how it actually does. I took it for a test drive and I can't tell if it's all in my head, but the lower end does seem to be more responsive. Unfortunately during the installation I removed the negative battery cable and lost my trip counter for the second tank of fuel to measure the effectiveness of the muffler. So the next tank will be after having the muffler and the intake system installed.


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