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Friday, May 12, 2006

Breaking news, Government Spying on our traffic patterns!

This just in, government agencies are "gathering data on US citizens," however, we here at Minutia prefer a more alarmist word to describe this activity, "SPYING!". Across America high-tech devices are placed across roads and intersections gathering data on traffic patterns. According to a government spokesman, "we using this data to find patterns in traffic to make decisions on how to make roads safer."

But according to one watch-dog group this is yet another example of how the Bush administration is invading privacy and overstepping the law.

"The government has no right to track our movements through the country with out a warrant," said one concerned citizen.

The debate continues at local and federal levels. Administration officials contend this data is useful in making our roads safer and that no laws have been broken. Administration critics however worry that civil liberties are being taken away under the guise of safety.


Blogger Granny Geek said...

And guess who's leading the pack on this surveillance? Why good old, Missouri, of course.


Missouri has contracted with a private company, the National Engineering Technology Corporation, to monitor thousands of cell phones, starting in Kansas City and St. Louis, to track traffic conditions and report them to the public.

The program charts drivers' relative speed by measuring the time between the intermittent signals that cell phones send to towers along a stretch of road. The info is overlaid with highway maps to determine where the phones are and how fast they are moving. Supposedly, the information is is stripped of personal ID and serial numbers.

This is a leap forward in our nation," said Missouri Department of Transportation Director Pete Rahn, minutes before the Highways and Transportation Commission's unanimous vote to authorize the contract. "No other department of transportation will be able to keep the users of their system as well informed."

10:25 AM  
Blogger Rev.Vapor said...

I have no problem with the counters they put next to the road. That makes sense. I don't even have a problem with them keeping speed statistics.As soon as they have personal information in conjunction with it, whether they say they are keeping it or not, I have a problem with it.

It's the same problem I have with them tracking our phone calls. I have the same problem with traffic cameras.

Granted, all these things can provide information that might make it easier to catch bad guys, and that is definitely good. However, this same information is abused to violate our liberty... that is why there are processes and laws in place that require oversight in the gathering of our personal and private information. When a governing agency steps outside it's bounds under the guise of keeping us safe, I have a problem with it.

11:53 AM  

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