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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Shameless plug - Geek Acres

I've enjoyed the whole blogging thing but it's always kind of bothered me that mine's just an on-line journal with no real focus or theme. I've got many hobbies but none that I wanted to focus a blog on or that I felt inspired enough to write about on a regular basis. My sixes of readers know that Jennifer and I have purchased some property in the country and will be moving soon so I decided to start a new blog focus on the life of a geek on a hobby farm. I'm calling it Geek Acres (clever, eh?) and I hope to build a neat little repository of things I learn on the farm that might help someone else find answers to the little challenges and problems we face. With focused content I'm hoping to attract advertisers with a little more relevancy. So don't forget to click on them, check out the products, and help support the effort.

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