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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Scratch that last post. I ended up not liking that monitor and took it back to Wal Mart for a full refund.

Though it was a 19" widescreen, the resolution was an odd 1440 by 900. The 900 vertical pixels made it seem excessively short, especially since I'm used to 1024 vertical pixels (in a 1280 x 1024 mode). I could have lived with it if I could get two browsers at full width side by side, but at 1440 horizontal pixels it wasn't wide enough for two web browsers built for 800 x 600 screens.

I ended up going to Office Max which is closing it's doors here in Springfield. I got a AOC LM729. It's a pretty sweet little monitor for just $249. It's a 17" flat panel that even has the rotate to portrait feature. Really great for desktop publishing and graphics.

And a little note about the advertising banners... I read another local blogger had tried it and was making money. I thought why the heck shouldn't I give it a try. So far I'm up to a $1.47! Whoo hoo. Google doesn't write a check until you make a $100 but at this rate it'll take... For freakin' ever! So clickity click click click folks! :)

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