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Sunday, March 12, 2006


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On a recent trip to St. Louis we noticed that there are now not just mile markers lining I-44, there are 2/10 mile markers. That's right, 5 distance markers for every mile of interstate, each direction. At just over 290 miles I-44 travels in Missouri that's 2900 2/10 mile markers.

I found one reference on the web to mile markers costing nearly 20 bucks a piece. That's over $58,000 in 2/10 mile markers. Maybe that doesn't sound like a great waste of money to everyone else but to me it's excessive. At 70 miles per hours you'll be able to count nearly 6 markers a minute, or see a new one every 10 seconds.

If the cost of the signs doesn't get you, think about the man-power required to install those. We ended up passing the truck of guys installing the signs. One guy in the truck, one guy attaching it to a pole, and another guy watching both. Further up the road we caught up with the truck responsbile for setting the poles, same configuration of men "working." Just ahead of them we found the truck that was leaving the poles behind for the set crew. And ahead of them we found the truck of men responsible for marking where to set the poles.

Ah, government efficiecny at it's finest.

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Anonymous briket said...

That's funny that you brought this up.. Stephen and I were just discussing this last week. It's ridiculous. Is it for emergency purposes? So they can go to your specific location or at least within a 10th of a mile? There so closely put together you've probably hit a couple if you wrecked...then they have to be replaced.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Sidewinder said...

If placed every .2 miles, wouldn't that work out to 1450 signs for the 290 miles of I-44? I was actually surfing to find the mile marker for SR-47 up by St. Clair MO when I ran across this blog. According to the MODOT site, the ostensible reason for this is safety. Supposedly you will be able to better identify your location if there is a sign within sight of where ever you might be. Having said all this...I still can't find any place to tell me what mile marker Hwy 47 intersects I-44 at!! How's that for progress?

10:47 AM  
Blogger Duane Keys said...

Ah, but there's one for east bound and one for west bound traffic. 10 per mile.

Saftey? Like I-44 is some dusty untraveled road...

11:49 AM  

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