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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blogging, in and of itself, is pretty geeky. Being a programmer is also geeky. Going to programming conferences... You guessed it, geeky. So what is it when you're bloggging from a programmer conference over the weekend? Damn geeky. Anyway we're about to go down and have some breakfast and start day 2 of the Gateway Software Symposium aka the No Fluff Just Stuff Conference.

The first day was packed with some good info. I attended Bruce Tate's talk "Where Agile meets Argyle: New processes in established companies." It was a good little presentation covering the idea of introducing Agile Programming concepts to management in terms that management can understand and agree with.

I followed that up with a Hibernate Basics discussion, also by Bruce. Our team has been developing now for some time using Hibernate and I got a good primer in it as I haven't yet developed a Hibernate based application. I followed that up with an Advanced Hibernate session by the very animatedJustin Gehtland.

The conference ended for the evening over dinner and the keynote speaker, Dave Thomas of the Pragmatic Programmers (not Wendy's). The keynote, Cargo Cults & Angry Monkeys was very entertaining and insightful, as are all Dave's speeches.

More later... time for breakfast.

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Blogger meghann said...

i'm not sure geeky it is to blog from a java conference, probably as geeky as it is to not be at the conference and visiting your blog to see updates about it ;)

11:01 AM  
Blogger meghann said...

oh yeah, Hi Kara! Hi Dusty! Hi Jeremy! Hi TJ! Hi Duane!

11:03 AM  

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