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Friday, February 17, 2006

Searching the blogosphere for more on the Monett, MO rural fire department turns up some pretty embarrasing stuff. Take this one, Proud to live in Ozarkia... Not. She's got a loose translation for Normal-Civilized-Non-KKK-People-Who-Live-Outside-The-Redneck-Metro-Area."

"We don't like them Messcans, so we forget to bill 'em for their service. Then if they don't pay, we just let their house burn, because, hey, fewer Messcans. Oh, sure, we COULD print out a piece of paper and get the Messcans to sign it on the spot, but how'd we know they gonna pay? After all, they's Messcans, and those Messcans, they don't pay nothin'. Wat you mean he own the land? He ain't got no business ownin' land when perfectly good white folks ain't own they own land."

She ends with an appropriate analogy, "If i were a local attorney, i'd be on this like a mullet on a redneck."


Blogger HRH Julie, IQWM said...

Normally, I'm proud enough to live in this area (called Outer Ozarkia in my blog.) My name's Julie, and my blog is "Persephone's Synaptic Misfire". But the entry i wrote about how proud i'm "not", lately, to live here was just my personal thwack in the head to the notion that blatant racism is not only tolerated, but not even recognized as a problem here. All the articles appear to be focusing on the financial without looking at the deeper issue of WHY the Hispanic community don't appear to be recieving bills, and offers to pay are rebuffed in favor of letting a man do injury to himself while trying to save his property.

It's already been made clear by Det. Evenson that the Monett Rural FD does, in fact, have an unofficial policy of at least occasionally billing homeowner's insurances for non-member fire assistance. I think we'll find that this was a case of Ronnie Myers having a bad fire day and letting his redneck down.

And not fighting a fire means that it's much harder to find out how said fire started. Hmmmm.

4:49 PM  

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