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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

ummm, yeah...I like transparency in management and it doesn't get any more transparent than this. Recently my boss sent out a survey to my team asking them to take a leadership survey with me in mind. The raw results are below. I took the results and tried to come up with some conclusions. The column labeled "self" is what I rated myself on the exact same survey. Overall the results show that I'm fairly in-tune with my leadership abilities.

The questions were to be answered 1 to 5, 1 = weak, 3 = adequate, 5 = Strong. I did some color coding to help me analyze the numbers. An average of less than 3.5 I placed a yellow background to draw attention as I believe I should be striving for 4 and above on average in all categories. A standard deviation nearing 1 tells me I'm not being consistent across all my team members (or that they have different perceptions for whatever reason). I also took the average score minus what I rated myself and any difference of 1 or greater I colorized; red means I think I'm doing better than I really am and blue means I'm beating my self up more than I should. My conclusions follow the data.
survey results
I'm a better coach than I believe.
I'm tougher than I think I am, but I need to be even tougher and more consistently tough with everyone.
I need to more consistently challenge people to a higher standard.
My energy level is higher than I think it is.
I need to do better at giving regular feedback.
I'm not as good at adjusting my leadership style as I think I am and I need to do better.
I'm more decisive than I think I am, but I need to be even more decisive and more consistent about it with each person.
I'm better at setting priorities than I think.
I'm a better problem solver than I give myself credit for.
I think I'll do the right thing more often than my subordinates think I will.
I need to be more consistent when going to bat for people.
I'm more accessible than I think but I need to be more consistently available to everyone.
I'm a better team builder than I think.
I don't reward risk-taking as well as I think and I need to improve.
I at least appear more dependable than I think I am.


Anonymous Zach said...

Thats a very good overall preformance tool...good idea.

I think you should be quite proud of those results. I must admit I am dissapointed I wasn't given a chance to fill it out for you.

Don't you trust me?

11:43 PM  
Blogger Duane Keys said...

I had a lot of fun analyzing the data and I hope I can get better because of it.

You'll have to come work for me to get to take the survey!

9:55 AM  

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