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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Phew, what a whirlwind celebrity makes of your life, and all thanks to a news-leader article on HDTV. OK, maybe celebrity is a bit of an exaggeration but I did get a lot of jokes cracked on my behalf, that's like being a celebrity right? What are friends and family for if not to point out the senior picture quality pose that shows off the weight I've been gaining since college? :)

The article was a good article, hats off to Mike Brothers! I was hoping at least some of the story would put some pressure on local broadcasters to jump on the HDTV bandwagon based on what I previously ranted about (the lack of HD content in Springfield, MO). Mr. Brothers focused on the techincal and consumer aspect of the subject, however. I guess I'll have to write in again, but I'm betting my chances of getting published again are getting slim!

My choice of Toy Story 2 for a background image was questioned a time or two, so let me explain. First, I know it's not in HD, but we needed something with bright colors. My apologies to other HD zealots that will be offended by a story about high-defition that pictures an HDTV with a *gasp* 480p signal!

Second, as I previously noted, there's a limited quantity of HD Content, escpecially locally. On Tuesday January 3, 2006, when Dean Asby of the News-Leader came to take the photo, there was absolutely nothing on in HD. HBO and Showtime had some chick-flicks on, not really what I was thinking for a back-ground image. The usual stand-by "show off the HD set" station, Discovery Theater HD, had Wild Nights showing (show about nocturnal creatures) which wasn't really bright enough for the photo. ESPNHD wasn't showing a game in HD at the time. Locally, nothing good was on. I almost used Universal HD which had Knight Rider on in high definition. I thought better against having David Hasselhoff in all his high-defition glory behind me on a photo spread. So the safe choice with plenty of bright colors was Toy Story (2, in this case).

Lots of people asked me how I got involed, and it's because of this blog. Which has spawned at least one more blog to take a peek at, Blog O' Bench, authored by another O' Team member. Blog O' Bench promises to be a good place for a laugh (can you feel the pressure mounting to perform, Shane?!).

Any questions?!

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Anonymous Dan O'Callaghan said...

I'm not sure how I ended up with it, but I'm pretty sure I still have that article somewhere.

12:48 PM  

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