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Monday, January 30, 2006

I guess there might be some people in the Ozarks living under a rock and didn't hear about the Motel 7 shooting. According to a News-Leader report,

"Bullets tore through a crowd of party-goers in the banquet room of a north Springfield inn early Sunday, wounding nine people in one of the most violent crimes in city history."

What the News-Leader reported originally as "family event" was obviously a, how do you say... Ah, yes "party." As a matter of fact it was the "What it do" party, as is evident from one of the flyers picked up around town advertising the low low cover charge for this all you can drink event.

You might be asking yourself, what one does at a "what it do" party? That certainly was a topic of discussion at the Springfield Bloggers meeting when I first learned about flyers.

Perhaps it was an event where in true show-me state fashion you would bring something you owned, but didn't quite understand. You would hold it up to the crowd and ask "what it do?!" The crowd would respond appropriately, like "you hang bananas from it, so they don't get bruised" if you brought one of those fancy banana hangers, or "it's where you can put some of your pretax income so you can save it for retirement" if you brought your 401(k) statement.

We decided, until more research could be done that "what it do" is get you shot. You and 8 of your buddies.

Later I found out though (by asking Google) that "what it do" are lyrics from not only a Jamie Fox song, they're in a Mariah Carey tune, as well as a Lil Bow Wow diddy, among others. Knowing all this I'm still not real clear "what it do."

But as the latest post over at Chatter points out, at least for two of the guests, what it do is get your shot... twice.

As the ever so eloquent Mr. Stone points out in the comments
"Thank goodness they can't shoot worth a damn ... someone could get killed."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what it do means whats going on.

8:26 PM  

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