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Monday, January 09, 2006

I e-mailed the local TV stations this weekend to see if I could find out more regarding their plans for broadcasting in HD. The folks at KOLR and KSFX both responded this morning with similar answers of "late 2006" for broadcasting in high definition. Nancy Bignaman of KSFX also added that "the only HD content will be whatever shows the FOX Network broadcasts in HD."

Dean Wasson of KOLR didn't specificy if the only HD content would be from CBS, so I responded to his e-mail and asked if local content (like the news) would be in HD. Mr. Wasson responded with "to be determined."

I'm hoping to hear answers back from KSPR and KY3. Since KY3 is already broadcasting in HD the NBC feeds, I asked if they would be producing the local news in HD in the near future.

Update: Dave Tillery of KSPR had this to say:
"KSPR is currently broadcasting a low power digital signal on channel 19. We are working toward converting to a full power signal. Unfortunately, at this time, I am not able to provide a precise timetable of when this multi-million dollar project will be completed. We do expect to provide an HDTV signal to Mediacom cable subscribers in Springfield by early February."

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Blogger M.Brothers said...


I think HD content, especially at the local level, is worth a story in and of itself. I focused on the tech aspects because the story was geared toward those looking at buying a TV. But, of course, content is a very significant factor when it comes to decided whether or not its time to go hi-def.

In the meantime, you've been digging up some answers yourself, which is great. Congratulations, you're a reporter. All you need now is a drawer full of free notepads.

Thanks for the blog shout out and the top about posting. I'll change that next time I log in.

Mike Brothers

6:57 PM  

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