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Friday, January 13, 2006

According to the News-Leader, Battlestar Galactica is tonight's must see, and I have to agree.

On another note, I watched My Name is Earl last night, and it was pretty funny. It was also in high definiton, so that's good. Earl recently had a HD easter egg where only those watching in the 16x9 aspect ratio would see Randy holding up a sign saying "High Def ROCKS!"

It looks like NBC might finally have a nice Thursday night line-up again. Here's another HDTV easter egg.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just passing through random blogs and I came across yours. I do have to admit Battlestar Gallactica is a great show! I already have my DVR set to record it because I won't be home to see it tonight. I can't wait to see what happens!! Will Starbuck shoot the Admiral? Or will the other guy kill Adama? Ahh the suspense!!

4:20 PM  

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