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Sunday, December 11, 2005

It was an eventful weekend. My Dad got me a great birthday gift earlier this week, he's paying to fix where my truck got keyed. So Friday I dropped of the truck at the body shop and my Dad picked me up. I'll be driving his F-150 for the next couple of days while mine is repaired.

Friday night I watched War of the Worlds [imdb.com] on DVD. I'm not quite sure if I liked it. There were several action sequences where I was tensed up, but almost to the point of wanting the scene to be over with already. The acting was believable, but the ending was a little too sudden. A little anti-climatic...

On Saturday midday I attended Duncan Roetemeyer's first birthday party, check out the shot of Duncan offering the camera some cake from earlier.

Saturday night was Steve J's 40th birthday party. It was quite a lot of fun. It was good to hang out with everyone outside of work. I suggested we do it more often. Steve said as long as the tab rotates! Steve rented basically the whole of the Skybox Grill & Lounge. The food was excellent, the booze was flowing, and the service was truley outstanding. I highly recommend the Skybox for such events. It's also a great place to watch a game as the place boats multiple projection screens. It has high ceilings too, for the smoke-sensitive folks (like myself).

Today Jennifer and I (mostly) finished the painting in the living room, and we finally put up our Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!

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