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Sunday, November 20, 2005

When hillbillies get an internet connection: News-Leader.com | Sound Off on diversity

Some of the gems so far:

Diversity = loosing a war:

We would be speaking German or Japanese now if this crap was around 60 years ago.

One positive stereotype undoes a negative:
Does Springfield need more minorities? It largely depends upon the minority you're referring to. The hispanic community seem to be a hard working group for the most part and generally pleasant to be around. As for the black community, it just is what it is and there's not too many positive aspects to it.

Highly edumacated response:
No I do not believe that the community needs to be more Diverse if you want to see crime go up then stay on the path that you are on,bring in the minorities and you will see this happen like the person befor me said if they wanted an education it is there for them and probably for a discounted price becouse of there ethnic back ground .


Blogger Rev.Vapor said...

Dang ol' brown people man... thems the problum... and people that'r diffrn't shades of brown like light brown er yeller. We're the United States man! We gotta bomb the brown people cuz they are gonna take our jobs and they are terrists and they kerupt our childrens minds with the hip-hop music and the dang ol' boom boom boom man... and... GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

10:40 AM  
Blogger chris said...

n town is going to drive me away after i finish my degree

6:15 PM  

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