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Monday, October 31, 2005

Jennifer and I have started some winter-time projects inside the house. We recently toured a few open-houses and got some good ideas to apply to our own home. Right now we're busy converting the former guest bedroom, in which very few guests have stayed, into the media room. I got some new home-theater recliners with built in cup holders to go with the new paint scheme my lovely wife has picked out. Following that she's going to do some serious design work on both the living room and the office/library. I plan on replacing the paneling in the living room with dry wall and Jennifer is checking out some smaller scaled furniture for the living room.

I've decided what makes even a modestly sized house feel bigger is multiple areas for people to congregate. Having the media room seperate from the living room will allow Jennifer to read a book on the couch while I watch a movie in the meida room, etc. I'll post pictures soon.

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Blogger meghann said...

if jennifer wants she can look at my house and give me some ideas on what to do. i don't get the design bug but jason wants to do a modern/contemporary theme with the house.

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