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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I love my truck but driving it around is getting to be expensive. I've managed to get an average of under 14 MPG since owning it (I'll post the full data set soon). The tree-huggers out there might even wonder why a 26 year old, white-collar, yuppie (for the lack of a better word) would need a truck. Well, luckily it's a free country and I don't have to answer to them! Ha!

But seriously, the truck does come in handy for transporting lawn equipment to our rental property (where I maintain the yard as part of the leases) or for any numerous projects around our own house (it's difficult to haul a cubic yard of mulch in a ZX2, which I previously owned).

The current generation of Fords have seen great improvement in interior quality. This probably started with the first generation Focus and has continued through the F-150, the Freesytle, the Five Hundred, and now the new Mustang. I love the FX4 package on the F-150--very sporty and slightly luxurious, for a truck. I have to admit I decided to get one after riding in a Lariat edition owned by a co-worker. My wife was happy I did!

There are going to be zealots who say "my [insert zealot's favored make] can blah blah blah your Ford" or "you know what FORD stands for doncha'? Found on road dead [ba dum dum]!"

To those people I say, "you're a moron." Not because I think you're wrong or that I believe mine is better than yours but because they're all just as good. Now-a-days you lemons are few and far between, just find what you like and knock yourself out (unless you're one of those who found the Pontiac Aztec appealing). I say that also because I'm a fan of vehicles in general and I like them all (except the Aztec). It just so happens that the parameters I set forth for owning a vehicle dealt out a Ford F-150, instead of a X or Y.

At just under a year of owning the truck I'm glad I bought it. It's so much nicer than having to borrow a truck and even plan around borrowing a truck. As trucks go, and I've ridden around in some quite a bit, the fit and finish and overall quality is great. It's the quietest truck I've ridden in with almost no wind or road noise. The V8 can get humming but the exhaust note isn't redneck obnoxious. The closest I have come to testing the power would have been when I towed a trailer with a cubic yard of rock and the bed full of sand for our patio project. I definitely could tell there was a load, mostly when I was trying to stop.

My only complaint for the 2004 F-150 is the lack of interior storage. When I have a truck full there's no place to store my laptop case. The understeat storage in the supercab is full already with ratchet straps, jumper cables, tow strap, and a toolkit and the seat doesn't move forward for storage behind the seat. For that reason I'll probably be investing in a tool box for the bed. Not that I have a ton of tools to haul around, but it would just make it more practical.


Blogger meghann said...

i like your truck too, and so does jason. however, he is glad to get his 24-26 mpg with his toyota right now. i try not to mention how much more he could getif it wasn't a v6 :)

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion...go back and read this post. Do you see the humor in complaining about not having room for your laptop with all of your ratchet straps?
Goes to show that truck owners these days are a whole new breed!

3:29 PM  

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