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Monday, September 26, 2005

General Tonic, of the Springfieldian, has started a discussion on the war in Iraq that I had to chime in on. So here's what I think of the whole thing, if you're not into politics please feel free to skip this:

Ok, here it is, straight from a "Bush Supporter." I believed the President when the sales pitch for going to war was the "WMD" line. I still believe the UN would have never put any teeth behind it's resolutions.

However it is obvious that the WMD pitch was misleading, whether the President was also mislead or did the misleading is another debate. Either way a good leader takes the blame when there's blame to be taken and I think the President should have simply come out and said something like "sorry, my bad, now here's what were going to do to fix it."

The reality of it is, we're now there, we've created a power vacuum, and we have to stabilize this area before we can leave.

American politics aside, both sides want the troops to come home (of course except for the extreme left and extreme right, which I'm discounting completely). Timing is the issue that is really up for debate.

If you believe the President intentionally misled the world (and I'm not arguing that he did or didn't) then so be it. But does that mean that a hasty withdrawal is the correct answer? Even if one hates this administration you have to see the tactical and strategic mistake that would be (in terms of the greater "war on terror" not the upcoming 2008 election). We can't simply apologize and start packing up the security forces. We have a responsibility to help restore order. I believe we can do just that. It worked in Germany and Japan, it can work in the Middle East. It seems those who are demanding an immediate pull-out of our troops are only seeking vengeance against the current administration, a political point to be counted in 2008. I don't see how it could possibly benefit the US or the world if we simply packed it up and went home.

And while I would love to see a "timetable" I believe that's also silly to presume that one is possible. What would one expect to see on this, realistically?

I believe comparing Iraq to Vietnam is actually appropriate in some ways. We did loose the battles for Vietnam, but we ended up winning the greater war that was the Cold War. Vietnam was a proxy war. The war was fought in Vietnam but was part of the larger conflict of Democracy against Communism. In this light I believe the comparison is valid. Iraq is also a proxy war. The battles are taking place in a Iraq but this is about the bigger war of American ideals and way of life against the "ideals" and way of life of Islamic extremism.

Here's hoping the Springfieldian will go back to some more light-hearted blogging.

[update: Go here to see the version of this rant print in the Springfield News-Leader.]


Blogger meghann said...

Wow, I didn't realize that your ideas and beliefs about the war were so close to my own. I think I have a little different perspective on it than some, because of my older brother being over in the fighting in Iraq. He says the troops would rather be somewhere where they aren't getting shot at, but they believe in what they are trying to do and they want to help the people. And, they support the president. To me that says a lot, I may not like some of the things that Bush has done, but no president has ever made me completely happy either, and probably never will. But knowing that people who are risking their lives day in and day out are okay with our current leader makes me just want to say "Suck it Up" to those who constantly complain. There is work to be done over there, and I am confident our troops will get it done, and that leaving now would only cause more problems later.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Rev.Vapor said...

On the WMD topic. I believe they were there before we went in. To think that they were neither buried in the desert (that desert is frickin' huge) nor hauled off to Syria (the country is a haven for islamist extremists, like it or not) is ridiculous. Is it a terrible situation for us to be in? No crap... that's an understatement. Was the intel cooked to back Little George's agenda... certainly. If anyone thinks for a minute that intel doesn't get spun by either side, they are just stupid. I don't care if they are right wing, left wing, green, blue, red, or scientologist when a politician wants a reason to push his/her agenda they are going to put together the story to back it up. Some are better at it than others. Summary: Who in there right minds believes half of what any of those jackasses in DC say anyway? They are all f**k ups and liars.

All that non-sense aside, look at the big picture now. We are there. We removed the government. Homicidal, opiated, human-bombs are driving and walking around blowing up themselves, women, children, and everyone else over there who are trying to make something of the country they have been given back. To simply call it an "occupation" is short sighted, and insulting to the Iraqi people. To pull our troops out now would be an absolutely horrific mistake, and terrible thing to do to the Iraqi people. A majority of the country does not experience what we see on CNN, FOX, or the BBC everyday. The situation is improving, and the Iraqi people are glad Saddam is not there to terrorize and torture them any more... that is if you believe what independent sources who are there say... but what do they know.

Anyway... yeah... crappy situation... I didn't necessarily agree with us going in there when we did, but that can't be changed now. Now all that is left is to finish what we started. That's my opinion.

11:05 PM  
Blogger zEROsPACER said...

a time table means you promise that youll be out of the country on __/__/__. the idea is that people believe you, and if you have credibility then it helps defuse resistance. dont think we still have that credibility though.
since when is 2.5 years a hasty withdrawal?
what is the american way of life?

1:38 PM  
Blogger Duane Keys said...

I think laying out an exact date is foolish and unrealistic. Why wouldn't the insurgents just wait until we're gone to start stuff up again. My point is we have a responsibility to stabilize the area due the power void we've created. Saying it'll stable on / / or we're leaving anyways is asking for trouble.

I believe we'll have a presence in a Iraq for a long time. Just as we have bases elsewhere in the globe.

1:52 PM  

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