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Thursday, July 07, 2005

If you haven't discovered Google Maps yet, do so. It's hard to explain to the non-techy what's so neat about it. Obvious things are the satellite overlay, and the way it allows you to scroll around and change the map without reloading the page. But the really cool part is the API that google has exposed which has launched a bunch of new applications based on it.

My favorite so far is the gmapPedometer. It starts in NYC by default, simply zoom out and find your area to map out distances you'll be traveling by foot. Jennifer and I have been walking in the mornings. She has a pedometer, but I think it's way off. So I measured out route and saw that it wasn't giving enough credit to her. Of course the map could be wrong too, so I tested it by mapping out one lap at the St. John's Fitness center quarter mile loop. Results were pretty dang accurate:


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