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Thursday, July 14, 2005

I stumbled upon an interstesting blog post regarding, well blogs, but more specifically "why corporate blogging works". The article discusses how "conversations" with customers and the internal corporate workings easier and points out that internal company blogs can also be beneficial. I like this idea and I think I'll do more research on the subject. I think it could be very useful, just on the web apps and gui teams, let alone all of IS or even the entire corporate structure of my company.

On a completely different subject: running is much easier if you actually wear the right sized shoes. After purchasing a pair of running shoes, then running in them (outside, thus making them unreturnable), I measured my foot and found out I don't actually wear a 9.5 normal width but a 10 4E. I bought some new balance (in the correct size) and my feet are much happier. I'll donate the other pair...


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