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Friday, July 29, 2005

I read a book. That's saying something for me. When people ask me a question that begins with "have you ever read..." I can almost always answer "nope."

I picked up a copy of Sleeper Cell by Jeffrey Anderson recently (I was in for a period of waiting in one place for a while, and Jennifer suggested I read something). The book is about a group of elite scientists, doctors, computer hacker-types that make up our national bio-defense team and a threat to our country from enemies within. Timely stuff I guess...

The reviews on amazon are mixed, most complain of how he introduces too many characters to keep track of. I rarely read and I had no problem keeping track of the characters. I also tended to agree with some of the reviews citing some cliches. Again, I rarely read, so that's probably not such a good thing if I can recognize the cliches.

I did however enjoy the book. I managed to read it in the course of about a week and doing so has sparked my interest for reading some of the books Jennifer has on the shelf. I hope my 55" TV and Xbox don't feel too neglected. :)

On another completely random topic, the Japanese Beetles won the battle for the green beans. I put the plants out of their misery last night and uprooted them. They weren't doing well at all. For the record we dried sevin dust, multiple spray poisons, as well as the bag-a-bug bug trap. We killed a many Japanese Beetle, but we still couldn't save the green beans. Now it's a fight to keep the roses alive.


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