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Friday, November 19, 2004

We must have better vitamins.

This shot of a US soilder reminds me of anime scenes where the soilders are superhuman in size and strength compared to normal people.

In other news, I'll be getting some new glasses soon! Yay! After 5 years of scratching the current ones it was definately time. The new ones will be a slight departure from the set I have now, I would call it a more urban look.

Jennifer and I went to our second Tae Kwon Do class. The normal instructor wasn't there so the "secon in command" guy led the instruction and included us in the first set. I felt pretty akward the entire class and realized my hip joints aren't as flexible as they should be! We also started learning the first form and basic punches and kicks. We'll practice what we learned on our own and hopefully it'll feel better next time.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A friend at work sent me a link to Clientcopia. Too funny.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Jennifer and I went to a Tai Chi class this weekend. Very cool stuff. I'm excited about learning all these Eastern things. Exercise and education combined!

We piddled around the house this weekend. We went to the recycling center and loaded up on some compost. It's good quality compost and it's only a buck for a huge bag. Jennifer used it to *gasp* plant more! We counted up the blulbs and the plants she has planted at the house so far and we're somewhere near 1500! Holly crapola that's a bunch of planting! The place will look AMAZING in the spring thanks to my lovely wife! :)

In addition to the plants we'll have a couple new water features. We gave up on the giant pot of water with the smaller pot (due to difficulties trying to keep the setup from leaking) and decided to make just a water garden out of the big pot. A family friend gave us a big pond liner and we started installing it this weekend. And by we I mean me and my back! (Just kidding, Jennifer helped of course). We just need some flat rocks to place along the edge of the liner and some plants to plant around and in it. We'll use the fountain pump and smaller pot we had in the previous fountain setup on this new pond. It'll look cool when it's done.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Jennifer and I went to our first Tae Kwon Do class last night at the fitness center. Everyone was very friendly and I think we're going to really enjoy it. We watched most of the class then one of the black belts worked with us and showed us two of the basic stances. She showed us how to stretch then asked us to practice the stances and come back next time. So watch out yo, or I'll walking-stance or L-stance all over you! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Jennifer and I joined the St. John's Fitness center this last week. We both had a fitness evaluation and it's no suprise to either of us that her cardiovascular conditioning is much better than mine! She scored average on her oxygen efficiency while I scored only fair (which is just above poor).

My strength portion was ok but that's not what I should be focusing on, with a body fat percentage almost 26%. That's 41 lbs. of fat I'm lugging around (out of a total 164). In the next 6 months I'm going to try to get my bf% down to 15% while maintaining my weight around 150 lbs. That will mean I'll have to loose about 20 lbs. of fat and gain about 6 lbs of muscle in the next 6 months. It's going to require better eating and lots of real cardio and discipline!

So I decided I'd try 'spinning' to get some of the cardio I need. It's basically riding a stationary bike, except it's in a class format with an instructor. The instructor keeps the class in sync having people change resistance, do different hand positions, stand, etc. There's more to properly adjusting the bike to fit you than I imagined, and they require you to attend an orientation to have the instructor fit the bike to you correctly. After the short oreintation class I immediately went out and bought a padded seat cover. After my first real class last night my butt is still sore! Oh well, I'll hopefully get over that soon.

The class was a real challenge. It's done in the dark (mostly) with workout music playing. The instructor has a mic to give directions for changing positions or resistance or to give a heart rate check. Mine was way out of the recommeded 80% zone so I couldn't keep up through most of the class. It's ok though as you're supposed to keep it at your own level. I should be able to keep up if I stick to it though!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Nice t-shirt logo:

Busy weekend! I helped my Uncle Walter run the lumber auction on Saturday morning. I bought some lumber (which I used my new truck to haul) for the pergola we're planning on building. Afterwards I finally hauled off the 15 garbage bags of acorns out of the garage (using the new truck). I took them to the recycling center out near the power plant. They've got a pretty neat operation to turn Springfield's yard waste into useful mulch and compost. I'll definitely be getting a $5 (new) truck load of mulch or compost instead of paying $30+ next time from Carson's (really glad I bought the truck).

A big thanks to Timmo again! We installed our new gas stove top on Sunday and it rocks. I learned a bit about plumbing along the way too, so that was cool. Pipe threaders are neat. In the process I managed to get my garage cleaned a little better... well at least it's a little more neatly stacked. We mounted the vice and my bench grinder as well, two things I've been putting off. I was also going to assemble my air hose reel I bought from the auction but the parts bag exploded as I opened it. I still haven't found all the parts!

My lovely wife worked in the yard whilst Tim and I crawled around under the house. She has now planted something like 500 bulbs in the new flower bed in the back yard! She mowed (wait, isn't this November?) the back yard as well (thanks, honey!). The yard is going to look AWESOME in the spring!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Well it's election day, finally. I'm hoping that the victor is clear early and we don't have to wait days to find out like last time.

I'm really loving the new truck. Talk about a big change in the way you see the road! We already put some scratches in the bed, but that's what a truck is for, right? I'll probably put a liner of some sort in the bed, I just have decided which way to go (spray in or drop in).

Jennifer and I did a bunch of yard work this weekend. I think we bagged some dozen bags of acorns this weekend. Freaking acorns...

My parents are visiting family in the Philippines the next two weeks, hello to the family reading abroad!