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Monday, November 15, 2004

Jennifer and I went to a Tai Chi class this weekend. Very cool stuff. I'm excited about learning all these Eastern things. Exercise and education combined!

We piddled around the house this weekend. We went to the recycling center and loaded up on some compost. It's good quality compost and it's only a buck for a huge bag. Jennifer used it to *gasp* plant more! We counted up the blulbs and the plants she has planted at the house so far and we're somewhere near 1500! Holly crapola that's a bunch of planting! The place will look AMAZING in the spring thanks to my lovely wife! :)

In addition to the plants we'll have a couple new water features. We gave up on the giant pot of water with the smaller pot (due to difficulties trying to keep the setup from leaking) and decided to make just a water garden out of the big pot. A family friend gave us a big pond liner and we started installing it this weekend. And by we I mean me and my back! (Just kidding, Jennifer helped of course). We just need some flat rocks to place along the edge of the liner and some plants to plant around and in it. We'll use the fountain pump and smaller pot we had in the previous fountain setup on this new pond. It'll look cool when it's done.


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