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Monday, November 08, 2004

Busy weekend! I helped my Uncle Walter run the lumber auction on Saturday morning. I bought some lumber (which I used my new truck to haul) for the pergola we're planning on building. Afterwards I finally hauled off the 15 garbage bags of acorns out of the garage (using the new truck). I took them to the recycling center out near the power plant. They've got a pretty neat operation to turn Springfield's yard waste into useful mulch and compost. I'll definitely be getting a $5 (new) truck load of mulch or compost instead of paying $30+ next time from Carson's (really glad I bought the truck).

A big thanks to Timmo again! We installed our new gas stove top on Sunday and it rocks. I learned a bit about plumbing along the way too, so that was cool. Pipe threaders are neat. In the process I managed to get my garage cleaned a little better... well at least it's a little more neatly stacked. We mounted the vice and my bench grinder as well, two things I've been putting off. I was also going to assemble my air hose reel I bought from the auction but the parts bag exploded as I opened it. I still haven't found all the parts!

My lovely wife worked in the yard whilst Tim and I crawled around under the house. She has now planted something like 500 bulbs in the new flower bed in the back yard! She mowed (wait, isn't this November?) the back yard as well (thanks, honey!). The yard is going to look AWESOME in the spring!


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