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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

This post proves I'm completely domesticated....

We had the auction last night. My dad runs the Auction House here in Springfield, every 1st and 3rd Monday night at 6:00 PM. We had a decent crowd with some new faces. MadZax has become a regular, I think the idea of a live ebay appeals to him! :) I think the auction will really start picking up more as the nights get cooler. I did manage to pick up a fertilizer/seed-spreader and a side by side refridgerator for the garage.

Speaking of garage... I'm going to work on a personal project tonight. I've got some heavy duty casters and some lumber to build a roll-around workbench. It shouldn't be too fancy or take too much time. I decided to make it a roll-around so I can set the chop saw on it and roll it away from the wall if I've got some long stuff to cut. I'll probably go to Harbor Freight and buy a cheap bench grinder and bench vise to make it complete. I managed to get me a good used angle grinder for free this weekend from my buddy Tim (that's a long story in itself that involves the grinder and 220 volts) so thats one less tool I'll need to add to the collection.

I've wanted to work on this project since we moved to the new house, but other projects have come up first in the priority list (like our newly painted kitchen and dining room which looks beautiful thanks to my lovely wife's handy work and the backyard fountain which involved the 220 volts and the angle grinder). I've been excited to actually have a garage to keep the cars in and to create a work area in. I also inherited my mom's old stereo system as she got a new system for her birthday last month. It'll be perfect for the garage and to run some speakers hooked to the B side out to the patio. I just need to get some speakers from a garage sale or something...


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