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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Jennifer, Dobie, Haley and I have a new home! Yay! We moved this weekend into our new house on Stewart Street. It was a busy holiday weekend for us between moving my parents out, moving us in, and getting the duplex ready for renting. Thursday evening we pretty much got Mom and Dad packed up. We put all their stuff in one of Dad's cargo trailers. They're not yet able to close on their house so they're staying in the Mansfield apartment.

Friday we spent all day moving us, mostly in the rain and then unpacking. Many thanks to Mike, Sean, Adrian, Tim, and Stacye for the help! Saturday was filled with more unpacking. I helped Tim in the morning on a job site of his setting up a privacy fence (in the mud). While we played in the mud Jennifer and Stacye painted the insides of the kitchen cabinets and put the kitchen together. After Tim and I finished up on his job site we installed speaker jacks in the living room. It looks and functions great but it will be a long time before I crawl back under the house! Sunday we spent unpacking more stuff and yesterday Jennifer and Stacye cleaned and painted the duplex while Tim and I cleaned out the shed and moved it all to the new place.

It was a fun-filled weekend of moving related activities! If anyone is looking to rent a nice duplex, let me know!


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It'll be nice not to have to sit on each other's laps!!!

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