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Friday, June 04, 2004

Mexican drivers...

Mexico is crammed full of Mexicans, Mexicans that aren't afraid to use their vehicles to go wherever they damn well please. Anyway, they drive like maniacs down there, but supprisingly we didn't see any accidents. If people drove like that in the states there would be more accidents and more road-rage induced homicides. The most amazing incident was when our driver was taking us back across the border and used these kids as picks like in baseketball. He honked and directed them to set up paths to drive through to get in line quicker.

Our trip to Mexico last weekend was definitely an adventure. Somehow our confirmation number for National Car Rental meant nothing to the local branch. The only van we could get belonged to another company and it could only be rented with a driver for $300 a day! Having waited an hour and a half at the rental place to find this out we went ahead and paid for it. We thought we were getting screwed but it turns out having a driver (especially one versed in the native driving habits) was well worth it.

We found a few things to buy to bring back and sell in the shop but we found even better stuff on the way back just north of the border. We set up a 10' by 10' fenced area in our parking lot and set some Mexican pottery in it with some banners hanging on the fence in the hopes of attracting some customers. It's not paid off yet, but we think we should make some money in the upcoming auction, we've got a few things consigned in it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always wondered where Mexicans came from. I thought they grew from the ground in Missouri, like the rocks do. But now I know they are just regular humans like us that happen to have been born in Mexico. Thank you Duane!


12:25 PM  

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