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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I'm getting to really like these new flexible hours at work. I've been working 7-4 since our VP announced a set of new IS perks. At first it was pretty difficult to get up but now I'm used to it. That extra hour in the afternoon is really great. And that first hour in the morning when no one is here is my most productive... ... when I'm not blogging from work that is.

We got our new dog, Haley. She's a sweetie. The lady that raised her had been keeping Haley in a crate for long periods of time and decided to find a home where she could run around with a playmate. Dobie and Haley are getting along great, which is a big relief.

My trip to Atlanta was quite educational. We met with some nice folks at Turner Broadcasting. We didn't have time to take a tour of CNN but they did take us to Ted's Montana Grill. It's another venture of Ted Turner. Mr. Turner makes a good Bison burger. The atmosphere is urban/modern with the feel of an old Montana grill. The wait-staff are dressed in vests of the era and the dining area is wrapped in mahogany paneling . I didn't make it to the rest room but our waiter made a comment about a continously rotating towel to dry your hands on... or something to that effect. It's downtown location makes it ideal for the urban workers to stop in for lunch. We arrived early for lunch, about 11:30 and they were able to seat a group of 10 quickly. The place soon filled up with other sharply dressed business-type people, so go early if you do go.

Overall I liked Ted's. The service was excellent, the food was pretty good (it was my first bison meat0, and they serve sweet tea by default (one of the South's redeeming qualities)!


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