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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Our Web Applications Team (WAT) attended the No Fluff Just Stuff Java Conference in St. Louis this last weekend. The conference was great. Just like the title says no fluff, no marketing people, just good solid information. My favorite speaker was Dave Thomas of the pragmaticprogrammer.com (not of the burger joint). I particularly enjoyed a session that focused on a less technical aspect of being a programmer entitled Herding Race Horses and Racing Sheep. The concepts in this presentation got me thinking the most.

The first half talks about the Dreyfus Model on learning and how different people of different levels of knowledge learn and process information differently. The second half focused on personal career development, and treating your own career like an investment. Good stuff. BTW: The title is misleading and should be something like "Don't herd race horses and race sheep".

Even without the conference the trip was well worth it, simply from a team building stand point. I think everyone got to know each other better and had a blast doing so. Any future visitors to St. Louis should definitely check out the City Museum. Amazing is the only work I can use to describe the place.


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