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Monday, March 01, 2004

My faithful reader berated me for not updating my blog... So here goes some quick on-line updations.

Today is Jennifer and my first wedding anniversary. Every morning I wake up glad to know I'm married to the woman of my dreams!

Also of note, the City of Springfield plans on putting a street through our house. The neighborhood is up in arms, yadda yadda... All I know is we're not going to get the short end of this stick if we have anything to do about it.

Jennifer's brother James had a heart attack last month but is doing well now.

We went to Tupelo, Mississippi last weekend for the Tupelo Furniture Market show. Jennifer made some good contacts for her business. Which reminds me that we found a place to have said business! Our family will be putting in an auction house in the warehouse portion and Jennifer will run her shop out of the retail portion.

Three weekends ago we went to Grand Junction, Colorado. We'd never seen the Rocky Mountains before, now we've seen them from both sides!


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