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Monday, November 24, 2003

This guy is funny...

Monday Monday... It's 1.5 hours into a Monday morning and our team pager has gone off a couple time this morning related to the network crapping out and a live turkey flew through an office window here on the third floor killing itself and freaking out one office dweller.

Unrelated events? I think not...

Monday, November 17, 2003

Jennifer (my wife) and I had a great weekend. My friend Mike Spyres was one of the three chosen finalist in the Metropolitan Opera contest... We knew you could do it Mike. Unfortunately we only heard the final note of his performance through a closed door, but I could tell he was pleased to see we made it anyway... Or maybe it was just the Serbian liquor he and ingested to calm his nerves. After we spoke to Mike for a bit we met my good friend Chris who showed us around town. Chris and I were roommates in college. I haven't gotten to see Chris (and other college buddies) as much as I'd like since graduating; it was good to see him.

Chris and I have met up on some pretty cool vacations since college including one to Las Vegas and another to New York City. Vapor also made it to that NYC trip.

Chris showed Jennifer and I around the town while we waited to find out how Mike did in the competition. We first walked around the art museum, Jennifer had never been to a "real" museum before and enjoyed it very much. Chris and I caught up on old times and traded working-world stories.

Following the museum we made the short walk down fine arts drive to the Zoo. I was surprised to learn that the Zoo admission was free. Thanks very much to the St. Louis tax payers! Visiting the zoo when it's cold outside (40 to 50 degrees F) has it plus and minuses. On the plus side no one was there. Chris kept saying how nice it was compared to the summer when it pays to have sharp elbows to stake out your personal space. On the down side many of the animals weren't out in the display areas. We did manage to see a baby giraffe that was born just a few days earlier.

While catching up with Chris I asked about this "Carrie" person he had brought to our wedding. I felt like a huge ass when I finally realized who Carrie is. Carrie was a friend of ours we met on-line in college who I knew best as Zinnia or just Z. So, Z, if you're reading this, my deepest apologies for not recognizing you at the wedding. In my attempted defense I did have a lot going on that day! ;)

After some time at the zoo we decided to go to dinner. We ate at a little Vietnamese restaurant on South Grand and was it ever delicious. It was also very reasonably priced and one of the only places we could find to have dinner at 4:00 p.m. on a Saturday. I can't remember the name of it but I'll find out from Chris for sure. Since we've gotten back Jennifer has broken out the Asian cook book and been trying different recipes. For the uninitiated, Jennifer is an awesome cook and often notes that it's one of the reasons I married her. :)

After dinner we had some coffee at yet another place I can't remember the name of (but I will find out). It was authentically trendy (if that makes sense) with plenty of colorful people sipping java over their laptops. We planned on going shopping at the Galleria after coffee and Chris had some prior engagements to attend to. We decided however to begin the trek home instead. We've got malls at home too.

On Sunday Jennifer, Dobie, and I spent almost the whole day outside. We did some much needed yard work. We raked leaves and prepared the gardens for winter. Jennifer gave me an excuse to use my tiller and planted some bulbs along the shed and the driveway which I'm sure will look beautiful in the spring as all her other landscaping always does. She's got the green thumb, I just have a strong back! :)

Friday, November 14, 2003

I found this article [tennessean.com] searching for news on the company I work for. It describes how the construction of one of our stores has unearthed some previously unkown graves... Bummer...

Well, I haven't posted in a while so I thought I outta... This weekend my wife and I are traveling to St. Louis (pronounced saint loo-wee). A very good friend of mine, Mike Spyres, is performing in a contest for your opera singers. I think this is his 3rd shot at it. He's come very close to winning the last two times, but this year he believes he is a sure thing. I've not seen him perform in quite some time and my wife has never seen him perform. I'm excited to see how he has improved and to finally get the chance for my wife to hear him.

Following the competition we plan on checking out the St. Louis Art Museum where the competition is being held as well as doing a little Christmas shopping. It should be a fun weekend.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

I really despise going to the movie theater, especially on opening night of a movie. I've stayed pretty true to my statement that I probably wouldn't go to the theater very much any more since I purchased my home theater system. Normally I pretty content to watch the movies 6 to 9 months after everyone else has in the comfort of my own home, on my own couch, on my own Big Screen. Matrix: Revolutions is about the only movie I've seen on opening night since I've gotten the TV and there have been very few movies that I've watched at the theater in general since then.

We stood in line for over an hour to watch the 8:15 show. The line was jam packed full of people that I normally wouldn't want to stand jam packed with. There was a couple in a make out session to my right and plenty of annoying teeny-boppers to my left. Behind me was an entire high school track team. Luckily some friends were in front of me and we managed to pass the time. At one point I suggested we all turn to face the make out couple and watch intently since they so obviously wanted an audience to perform in front of.

As far as the movie goes.... eh... I guess I liked it. It had my heart going at some points and I was able to get a few good laughs in. All in all I'd give it a C+ or B-. At least I don't have to wonder how it all ends.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

A friend of mine got me a ticket to see Matrix: Revolutions tonight. I've been looking forward to its release and have spent some time these last few months reviewing the various theories on how it will all end. So far the reviews aren't positive, but I've got to see how it ends anyway.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Well, I was feeling left out as a blogless web developer. I don't have time/money at the moment to set up my own hosted option, so this will have to do for now.

I just said goodbye to my parents for a couple of weeks. They're going to my mother's home country of the Philippines to visit family. I went with my dad and bought $600 worth of Maglights, led key chain lights, pocket knife/tools, bike repair kits, toys, rain coats, and other little luxuries that the family there will appreciate more than anyone here ever could. It makes me appreciate what I have and how fortunate my wife and I really are when I think about my relatives in the Philippines.